Whalemoon Cover Reveal

Hey readers. I got into another group. Children of Atlas is one of many awesome stories in the Worlds of Wonder collection. They are right here.

How cool are those jellyfish?

There’s a certain mystical-historical quality that I try to capture when I write. It’s that sense of “awe” that fantasy writers always strive for. But it has always been a strange fit strange fit in my science fiction setting. Which is why I’m revealing a fantasy cover today.

I thought: why not bring my full-force to bear and write straight-up fantasy novel like the ones I grew up with.

I think you’ll notice two things when you check out the Worlds of Wonder group. You’ll find science fiction stories that have a bit of “awe” built-in. You’ll also notice that my old cover doesn’t stand up as well as it used to. Which is all the more reason I’m excited to launch a new book, with a brand-spanking new cover

In this book, and by working with my cover designer, I’ve tied to capture the same feeling of awe and amazement as the first time I picked up Wizard of Earthsea back in Middleschool.

Consider this a half-release. I’ll give the full, hi-res version next time along with a sample .

So in case you skipped it, go back and read some of the great authors the Worlds of Wonder. And while you’re over there imagine how cool this new cover is going to look in the next promo listing.

Whalemoon is set to come out at the end of the year. The sequel is well underway already! And Atlas book three…is coming along, I’m making very careful and meticulous progress in the Atlas world.

If you want a better look at how things are going, follow my new blog. This one that you’re on!

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