New Cover for 2020

I wasn’t planning to make this announcement so soon, but: The second book in Wyrmwind Tales, has a title a cover and a release date.

But first, I just want to thank Dean F. Wilson for including me in his SFF Book Bonanza: New Releases, for November. 

If you don’t know Dean, he’s a science fiction author, a big supporter of the Indie Author community and he has been running this newsletter for a while now. Here, take a look:

You can check it out right here. I follow the SFF Book bonanza just to keep up with what’s new in Indie Publishing. Also, if you haven’t read Whalemoon yet, you can link over to the SFF Book Bonanza to get it.

Alright, enough ado, check out Dragon Wind and tell me what you think of it.

You can see the full cover over on the book page. It doesn’tcome out until next year, but I had all the pieces so I figured ‘d make it official.

It is…admittedly a little cheezy. Over the top.  But that’s the idea right?

Had I more time to nit-pick, I’d have found practical suit or armor. But this the art I had to work with. My designer took what he was given and knocked it out of the park.

On to the last bit of news: 2020

I’m in the Maritimes now. Yes it’s cold. No I don’t miss Florida yet, but I probably will, come January. It’s not full time, but I’ll be here a few years at least.

I’m writing full-time! So if you’re eagerly awaiting the next book, you can expect it to be ready a lot sooner.

Okay, technically I am working full-time as an editor. But it’s going very well for my own work.

I’ve got one poetry book just shy of being finished. Halfway through Dragon Wind. And…hmmm four or five chapters through the third Atlas Book.

I could use a few advance readers for the poetry book, so drop me a line if interested and I’ll send you a paperback in a few months.

Finally:  Conferences

I want to hit up some cons in 2020. Is there a Science Ficiton or Fantasy con near you that is too good to miss?  Let me know and I’ll put it on my list.

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